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As we age in our home, we sometimes don’t admit to ourselves that living independently is at times difficult. Taking care of the house, finances, cooking, walking upstairs, remembering appointments and driving, can all be more difficult to manage.

Here are some of the various reasons to consider a retirement community:

Decreased Mobility

Many seniors suffer from mobility issues, making it difficult to get around and take care of household things as before. Over time, activities like daily chores, cleaning, and even preparing meals and bathing are too difficult, causing many seniors to begin skipping these essential tasks.


Often overlooked is the loneliness and seclusion that can come with choosing to live independently. As children move away and have families of their own, their visits to their parents become less and less frequent. This leads to long stretches of time where seniors living independently are left alone, with few visitors to check in on them.

Home Maintenance

As we age, so too do our homes. They require constant upkeep and maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Lawns need to be maintained, utilities to be managed, and home repairs can be very costly. For seniors, these seemingly routine tasks can become more and more challenging to accomplish. This often leads to seniors putting off these necessary tasks, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Unsure if a retirement community is right for you? We’ve created an easy to answer quiz that can reveal if you may be ready for a move to a senior living community.



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March 2019
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