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Preston Pointe - October Activity Calendar

Autumn has arrived (even if the cooler temperatures have not). The leaves are changing color and there are pumpkins on every doorstep. It is the beginning[…]

September Event Calendar - Preston Pointe

One of the first things most people look for when searching for a retirement community is what is there to do?! Well, at Preston Pointe we take great[…]

August 2019 - Activities and Events - Preston Pointe

Summertime in the North Carolina, there is nothing better...except for life at Preston Pointe! Located in beautiful Morrisville North Carolina there is[…]

Activities and Events - July 2019 @ Preston Pointe

It is summertime in Morrisville North Carolina and our Calendar is full of new and exciting things to see, do, and experience. When you are a resident at[…]

Preston Pointe - June 2019 Activity Calendar

They say that time flies when you are having fun and it must be true because June means we are halfway thru 2019! But here at Preston Pointe we make every[…]

Fitness Water Aerobics For Seniors

Fitness Water Aerobics For Seniors

May 2019 - Preston Pointe Activity Calendar

April 2019 - Activity Calendar - Preston Pointe

Friendships in Retirement

Hello March - Preston Pointe Activity Calendar