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One of the most touching sights in the world to me is seeing an elderly couple holding hands and taking a nature walk together on a beautiful day. Truly, I believe that is because the image symbolizes a forever love and the type of happiness and friendship that we all hope to experience - both now and in the future, as we age.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with a few seniors living at Preston Pointe . Their stories and perspectives were different, but there was one common, underlying theme- the main reason for their decision to move to a senior living community was a need for friendship. It was also their favorite thing about living at Preston Pointe. They loved socializing with other seniors and getting to make wonderful new friends.

Community and connection are so important. The dangerous and deadly Covid -19 Virus tried to steal this from people all over the world- resulting in reclusive behavior, fear, depression, and an increased suicide rate, etc. The elderly population was especially hit hard by the virus and its ramifications. But as we heal from this national crisis, I believe we are a little wiser, less anxious, and more resilient perhaps against the hysteria that can sweep through our homes and businesses. We value the people in our close circles even more- we cherish and treasure making memories with those we love. As a world and a nation, Covid taught us how short life can be, and how vitally important faith, family, and friends are.

Around the holidays especially, I reflect on my own precious grandparents and remember how much my Grandpa “Bud” loved to hang out with his guy friends at the barn for hours, having a good southern fish fry, or just talking about cow herds and training horses. And my Grandma Trudy’s love for creative Thanksgiving crafts with pinecones and turkey feathers made out of construction paper, playing board games with us grandkids, or teaching us new songs and singing at the top of her lungs, because nobody minded that she was off-key.

Like the residents at Preston Pointe, my grandparent’s favorite thing was being with family and friends. It’s what I love most about our senior communities – seeing the joy expressed as a group of residents decorate a Christmas tree together, visit with their families, ride the bus to shop at the store as a group, swap stories on their porches, or share recipes in the community dining room. I see the light in their eyes and their contagious smiles, and I hear the laughter, and I thank God for clean, beautiful, warm, and inviting places like Preston Point, where seniors can receive the high quality of care they need, and feel safe, happy, and loved. They do not have to stress about the housekeeping in their apartments, or any maintenance or lawn care issues – everything is already taken care of for them. If they need a ride to the store or an important doctor’s appointment- transportation is conveniently provided. If they need a meal or snack prepared – it’s always available. And most importantly, they get to have that treasured gift of friendship with others their own age, and they can share about the past while enjoying making new and beautiful memories together!

We all need a community, and if you have not found one yet, we’d love to invite you to ours. Preston Pointe has amazing events and you are welcome to come. Make new friends, create a craft, enjoy one of the many musical concerts we host each year. There are so many fun activities to choose from!

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Do not be lonely this upcoming year when there are so many others who could draw strength from your friendship!

376A9244_ppBy Jessica Guthery, Business Support Administrator for Rauls Living


March 2019
Is it time to move into a retirement community?